Play All Day

by Hop Hop

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released January 9, 2016

Engineered at Curly Studios, August 2015
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Brandon Schlia
Steak & Cake Records

Jazmine Frazier: vocals, lyrics
Guitar & Bass on "Red Eye"
Bass on "Laquatrice"
Piano on "Amateur"

Brandon Schlia: sequencing, programming
Piano/Keyboards on "Laquatrice" & "Redeye"
Melodica on "I-5"
Guitar on "Typical Girls"

Released January 9, 2016
Album also available through S&C's Bandcamp:

"Typical Girl" features a sample of The Slits' "Typical Girls"

"Mary Jane" features a sample of Rick James' "Mary Jane"

"Daydreamin'" features a sample of Aretha Franklin's "Daydreaming"

"I-5" features a sample of Cass McCombs' "County Line"

**All skits are based of unfortunate, real-life events.**



all rights reserved


Hop Hop Buffalo, New York

Hop Hop is the the hip-hop persona of American rapper, musician, producer Jazmine Frazier born and raised in rural Alabama and currently based in Buffalo, New York. Frazier uses Hop Hop to vent issues tied to identity, sexism and racism among other topics. ... more

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Track Name: Typical Girl
Put my dress on, put my face on
Do my hair up, give a curtsy.
Put a smile on, "fill my drink, hun"
Lookin' desperate, lookin' thirsty
Been bossed and tossed like a piece of meat
I'm working long hours on my feet
Servin' you up while I forget to eat
Grab my waist or the assault won't be complete

At work, dude tosses me the fashion section of the NYT
As if the politics section wouldn't interest me.
Like being a purse-lover is all I should be.
Girls staring at me weird when I go to pee
if I use the men's restroom when it's empty.
Tryna lock me in this role of being a "lady."
Upset like, "why don't she wanna date me?"

It's because you're not evolved like me,
because you see me as arm candy.
Go find a bimbo in a sea of robot prosties.

My brain would walk you like a dog, or the hog you are.
I'll call you out, make you feel small
as that bump on a log, be walkin' home like a wet blanket.
Think it was the way you attempted to spank it.

I'm not that nice little girl that you hoped I was
when you rolled up cuz'
you don't treat me with R-E-S-P-E-C-T
I don't have time cos' I'm too busy doin' me.

And just because our junk is compatible
doesn't mean you should try to hit it
Cos' I'm not a T-Y-P-I-C-A-L gurl.
All you fellas need to quit it.
Track Name: Red Eye
Espresso gives me jolts
Drip coffee makes my brain smoke
Americanos send my belly into metabolic overload
When will I learn I'm nuts all on my own?
Been drinkin' coffee since I was a kid,
but now that I'm full-grown, it makes me cranky as shit

And everything you're doing is annoying
Someone save me
Put me to bed to chill out my head
Toke on the pipe, Bemo said
Maybe I should do that

Take off this hat, it's crushing my skull
That dull throbbing without it
That burn. Another cup? You got it!
Don't stop that slow roll down your throat
That caffeine's no joke
Keep you up all night
Make you not right

Iced or hot, love it all
Blended, stirred? It's your call
Keep you driving steady, driving already,
Cleaning real heavy
Cuttin' up confetti while making spaghetti
Gettin' that for you fast
Yo, dude! It's reaaaddddyyyyy
Track Name: Mary Jane
OK, Alright. I'll write a little story how we're too smoked out to smoke out
Cant do without. Of this I have no doubt.
Staring down my book, my eyes about to pop out.
Got reaaaal involved.

Slipped our minds, we must be doin' fine.
So divine--oh! I remembered, where's the kine?
Fukk the wine.
Things is good? There's your sign.
Things is bad? Stop the day, fast forward, rewind
Sit down and recline--it's 420 time

Feel the worry melt away from the live-long day
Smoke a J with me bae and watch the world sway
It's all so funny, how ya doin' that?
I never noticed how soft these cats furs weerreee...

Aint' got shit on me
Didn't see me doin' nothin'.
Nope, I'm high as hell. Feelin' super swell.
Wish you were as well
Sip on this, do the twist, feel the sun's kiss. Soak in a cloud's mist
BlaH bLah blAH BLAh blah

Ever seen a dollar bill on weed, son?
Ever watch Fresh Prince on weed, son?
Forget what you were doing before you began, son?
Damn, I know that you're not the only one, son
Track Name: Amateur
How many of us are classically trained?
Show of hands: left or right brained?
How many understand how to read music, or what a B flat is?
Not that any of that is important.
It is, but who says that's what you need to create?
Hold on, let me demonstrate--at the piano, there's a key and another key
What's that note? I dunno. Beats me

I gotta press it though because it's beggin' to be.
Like "OMG, Hop Hop! Pick me!"
What's it gonna be? In the key of C?
How about the key of "let me see..."
Poppy or funky?
R&B or punky
Make that beat real punchy, turn that bass all crunchy
Play all day 'til it's time for lunchy

Let's talk melodies with melodicas
Harmonies with harmonicas
Pump it with trumpets,
Go Johnny Marr with guitar-- you might be better than you think you are.
Melt your face with bass, give that tambourine a shake
Plum havin' fun with drums
You wanna start a band, put that shit in place
Cos if you want to, you can!

Don't listen to the man, tryna dampen your plan to suck at an instrument
Go ahead, make a stand to create or just vent,
if you're feeling all pent up inside yourself
It's not good for your health to let that wealth shrivel to nothing
Everything sounds bad at first
Don't allow yourself to thrist
Got the inkling let it burst--
If you didn't, what could be worse?
Track Name: Daydreamin'
I'm daydreamin' about everything
Anything and everyone
Things that bug me out and things I think might would be fun
Dreaming is a present to our minds, from our minds
Taking part all the day long--day or night while I'm making this song

Artistic, metaphysics, thinking 'bout unreal statistics
Thoughts that are straight surrealistic
Sometimes roaming to sadistic
Fantastic, ultra-spastic, all my passions wrapped in plastic
in the vacuum of my brain.
Some thoughts dissipate, others remain and maintain a sense of wonder
Those are the ones that send me plundering down a dark hole
or one that's full of light--I take flight
thinking, "what can I do with this?"
I would be remiss if I dismissed the dream of my baby being here
so I can give him a KISSSSSSS

Daydreamin' and I'm thinking of you
Daydreamin', boy my love for you's true
All the time I spent feeling blue,
now I'm daydreamin' and I'm thinking of you
Track Name: Laquatrice
We were living in a shithouse before we landed here
We didn't really land, our desire was quite clear
An offer was made and after months of anticipation...
we finally won the house of our dreams!

We didn't want to waste a single minute more,
We had our stuff packed and stacked at our new front door.
We worked and we toiled to make the best of the floors
and now this place is beautiful and everything we asked for

There's one little problem, and it's really not that little:
it's the fat bitch upstairs always playin' her mini fiddle.
Talking this and that about Lenny the shitty landlord, while we're like,
"Lady, you won't be seein' Lenny no more."
We're real good people, we'll take care of the property.
Don't worry anymore; you need something? Just call us please.
We're staying downstairs and we'll be up in a jiffy
if you need a draft patched or your toilet's actin' iffy

Though, we knew something was off from the moment we met her
She prattled on and on like everything just upset her.
She talks like nothing ever good happened in her life
Or she'll act all weird toward us when we're tryin' to be nice.

Finally my baby boo had had enough
He knew it would be awkward, he knew it would be tough.
When he laid down the law with an eviction notice,
It was on like Donkey Kong; no foreplay--straight to coitus.

She resisted, she persisted she had nowhere to go
Lady, that's not our problem; let's get this show on the road!
30 days was not enough for her to get gone,
she's looking for a fight to drag this shit on and on
She's graspin' at straws, talkin' our weed's making her sick
She should tell her son that he's the one that needs to quit.
We all know he's slingin' grass off the porch
We're not tryna' cause issues gettin' this dude scorched.

Tenants wantin' to move in, we want this chick to move out
Her son's causin' a ruckus and she keeps on runnin' her mouth.
The court date is set and tensions are gottdamned high
We're looking at eachother like, "WHY, OH WHY???"

But, but this is our home.
We all want the same thing: to be left alone
We're adults, so let' act like we're full-grown.
Just GTFO so we can say "peace out, shalom"
Track Name: I-5
Reaching that county line. Smokin' baby, doin' fine
On vacation feels divine. Anything I want is mine
Highway rollin' with my girl, this whole damn week has been a whirl
Round the mountains, 'round we swirl
Zonin' out, twistin' my curls

Oregon to California, motion sickness woulda torn ya
If you knew how much it killed; warding sickness off with my iron will
Breathe in, let it out; focus on my words and mouth.
Good thoughts, good intentions
Life don't get better just by wishin'.
Thought process in mint condition; Pacific Coast just goes on swishin'
With or without my volition; I decide or else I'm fishin.

County line left far behind. Lost in thought, our car in kind.
Looking 'round for any sign of the good ole Oregon state line.

"You never even tried to love me.
What did I have to do to make you want me?"