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released May 6, 2017

Produced by
Jazmine Frazier & Brandon Schlia

Mastered by
John Bohn

Album Photo by
Mark Duggan Photography


all rights reserved



Hop Hop Buffalo, New York

Hop Hop is the the hip-hop persona of American rapper, musician, producer Jaz Frazier born and raised in the South and currently based in Buffalo, New York. Frazier uses Hop Hop to vent issues tied to identity, sexism and racism among other topics.

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Track Name: Heart & Soul
Let’s talk about the hip hop community for just a sec
I’m ready to make Hop Hop,
something you won’t forget
Chill out, don’t drink too fast,
or your stomach will get upset
You came to have a good time,
so let’s get fucking lit!

I bet y’all wanna hear a rhyme
with some heart and soul
It’s in your control to limit the garbage
spilling’ from some emcee’s noses
On a bed of roses
talkin’ about money and power, greed and desire
to acquire bitches and riches
Starting beef on some snitches

Heart and soul
I fell in love witchoo
Heart and soul
I don’t know what to do with all these
Emcees that ain’t got heart and soul

Take a hit off the dutchie
So we can go touchy the sky
Higher and higher we fly
into the stars and over the moon
Or however that shit goes
Start a crew, get to croonin'
Get peoples swoonin'
Like in the cartoons
Actin’ like loons
Vibin’ the tunes
Get ready for the heart and soul

Heart and soul
I fell in love witchoo
Heart and soul
I don’t know what to do with all these
Emcees that ain’t got heart and soul

Heart and soul
I fell in love witchoo
Heart and soul
How could they do this to you?
Deliver lines that ain’t got heart and soul?
Track Name: Swiss Miss
Where are my black friends?
Scattered throughout my life
At the drawing table in 1999
Waiting together in the lunch line
With my girlfirends by my side
Singing “Barbie Girl” as cute boys walked by

Dance routines with Ariel and Stephanie
Denzel Bell and Courtney
Karen and Carlos, and in Elberta
That’s when my black friends seemed to go extinct

Made the move to Florida
The segregation was horrible
Because everyone was everywhere
But they made a point to to barre it up

Blackness vs. whiteness
Me, a blend of Swiss Miss
Didn’t know where to place this
So they gave me up to the whiteness

Proper speech = caucasian peach
Rock music, and I like the beach
And trap music was out my reach
So my black peers would love to preach
About which side of the tracks I’m on
Hot sauce or the Grey Poupon
Is it so bad that I like them all
If i choose one, will it ensure my fall

And white people, you’re not off the hook
some like me because the way I look
Unthreatening - so you’re reckoning
I’ll be your token black in your lil’ black book
I like things all your other friends like
What people think are stereotypically white
Like gouda cheese and barefoot sneaks
Camping trips and flying kites

But where are my peeps that would understand me
and the way i was raised by my white family
who feared I would become a ghetto-typical freak
and bring home for dinner a black, yummy Tyrese.
But recognize these are all stereotypes
And it all is whitewashed in the cover of night
We are all for one in the universe light
And one for all in this humanly fight

Tell me am I black enough?
Am I white enough?
Tell me will I get the hang of this race game stuff?
Will I find my way in life, to be tough enough
to be an outsider of this race construct?
Track Name: The Girls
Sbornak, Devereaux, Niland, Petrillo
Snacks, weed. In my bed,
Marathon, here we go
And I’m every woman in me

Cheesecake, goodness gracious
Sophia at the stove stirring her famous tomato
Sauce, she da boss
Bea da brains, Rose the heart
And Blanche the confidence

Together they make a star of my heart
I loved you ladies from the very start
Season 1 and 2, we’ll never be apart.
Season 3 and 4, I want sommore
Season 4 and 5, never come outside

Wrapped in the blanket of my four mommies
Pussycat, Rosie, Ma making salami
And Blanche eatin’ salami
Takin’ men out non-stop, B
Rockin' geriatrics harder than
Strummer rocked the casbeeh
Show on collapse
I take my lessons from the gals
On the lanai
Staring at the sky
Holding out for the relapse.
Thirty episodes in rapid secession
Hop is feeling’ relaxed

Feeling low, body slow, Don’t wanna go
Staying home with my girls, spinning’ curls
I’m hanging out with my best friends, The Golden Girls
Track Name: Domination
Doing it right with my girls by my side
Domination: we’re taking the night
My one girl's on the snare, while the other’s on the ride
Together we rock the beat, of the upper west side

Walk in the room with my power stance
Me and my ladies, gettin’ ready to dance
not into your issues; don’t even steal for a chance
We don’t encourage your crimes,
This ain’t True Romance

I Came. Saw. Dominated
All my girlfriends appreciate it.
All my friends emancipated
Like Montell Jordan "This is how we do it!"

I’ll be skating through life with the wind on my back
Like Fresh Prince swaggin’ in a backwards hat
Not makin’ monies like Trump, simultaneously bankrupt
More like doing these chumps while humbly trying membraneous makeup

if you see me on the block, dude don’t even stop
My validation is on lock, working 'round the clock
To all my girls earnin’ chops, keepin’ it hot
We're seeking higher confirmation than some bum on a walk

Try. Win. Take the prize.
You can see the fire lickin’ in my girlfriends’ eyes
Kicking up smoke as we walk by
We let our booties shake with a side of fries

And if the company you keep be terribly weak
dragging on your image worse than Korn's Freak on a Leash
you must abort and retort while you snort and report
To all the fools who purport they gather booty for sport

Oh, homie. Forreal? Is that true?
If so, Hop's gotta another woman coming for you
like Freddy Krueger dream crashing 1…2...1…2…
Smack your ego all around till it’s black and blue

Listen close fellas, I’ll tell ya what I’ll do
Payable on delivery Come thru, come thru
With a verbal slap your moms could feel too
A week’ll go around before your ass come to

In your whack hairdo
Cause I am every woman
From A to Z
My ladies, we’re comin’

Drop the beat, lower than an anchor
Pulsating worse than your reoccurring canker
Sore, your game is making me snore
Don't let your ass get hit as you leave through the door

Got some sly shit up our sleeves
You can’t ignore
Lemme school you real quick
On truth and not folklore

One of these days
I won’t need to explain
That women aren’t
properties you
pick up in a game
Like Monopoly
Some of you dudes do it sloppily
While your focused on just coppin’ me
While screaming caucophonies
Out yer car window,
Smokin’ that indo
Rather toke up in the comfort of my own
Fit tho
Don’t want you lacing up my smoke
With that nasty dope
That must be trickin you to
hope I let you in on a grope

No thanks, I’ve got a dude that’s woke
You need to chill
while in my bath,
I take a sexy soak
While my man turns me on like a remote
Turns on my Samsung to watch my favorite show

You must be playing too much Final Fantasy
To think that you even had a chance with me
I’d rather listen to Crazy Town “Butterfly” on repeat
And believe my legs be squirming uncomfy in my seat

Like your D be a lasso,
hopin’ one of these days
you’ll successfully wrangle your cow
Walk the streets with no classo,
hittin’ on every breathing human
Throwin’ your hot mess all over town
Your game falls flat as you're trying on me your hit
Like Ezell ratting on Smokey, you look foolish takin’ a shit
On your self-esteem, please stand by while I ream
you out, with your foot in mouth
Hold tight while you suffer my clout
Track Name: Drug Dealers
My brain is a whirlwind
F-5 twister
Same as my sisters
Classic student resisters

No delineation found for our procrastination
Same as other’s in the nation,
doctors pump us full of medication

I can metaphorically measure
the elevation of
your elation for
mad vacations
and shit

Tune out their communication
When we told you what was going down
You college ed clown
You follow only
your own dictation

Why don’t cha throw ‘em on some Addy,
so you can get that Caddy,
my laddie
The doc pullin’ that scientist shit,
so maddie

Say you’re stressed when you’re
mad, sad, glad, had
Spent, your sanity done went
down the toilet
Where the meds shoulda went

Selling tabs for dollars and cents
Giving pharmaceuticals up for lent
Like the industry never meant
To put a hurting on their patients
like Clark Kent

Addiction like kryptonite
Watching your kin lose the fight
In the drug war
that Hoover swore
Would destroy this nation
it starts in the patients
he failed to mention that (part of the equation)

Overpaid drug dealers
Holding pills out
with five fingers,
The itch for the highest thing
that always fuckin' lingers

For all that, I’ll just stick to Junior
In that Poison Ivy Pontiac
Take that Addy, go on people
go on people, sell it back

Cause it makes my heart go clickety-clack
Legal cocaine, it’s wickety whack
And I need some counseling
Can I hear some drug-free alternatives?
Hook me up with some health and wellness cooperatives
Watch what you’re pumping into
all these kids
You whacked out whiz
Then you wonder why they stealing
yer meds?

AIn’t no stopping Hop Hop bay
When I say
That I been feeling this since I was 15 years old
Tell 'em tell 'em
Track Name: Paydaybay
I want the chocolate pretzels
The Golden Goose and the Eggs
Give them to me now
before I do something you’ll regret

Twix bar, Snickers bar, Whatchamacallit, Reeses
Mars bars, M&Ms, peanut butter pieces

Chocolate’s cool and all, but something that I really crave
Is a Pay Day on Sunday, Monday, every fucking day

Heads up, sucka
It’s a big up; a real stick up
My sweet tooth wants the candy
Stupid, give it up, give it up

Becoming anti-social
Who needs friends when you got most all
the B-movies you can dream of
Kung-fu for days, watch them dance just like Ujima

Mid-snack screaming at a screen
Screening with my keen
sense of criticism

Everyone’s a critic, 7/11, hit it
Too good to quit it
Too stubborn to admit it
I shoulda quit it
A hot minute ago
Metabolism never slow
I tell myself befo'
I open just one mo'

Gummi bears, gummi worms
I lick my fingers of the germs
Sour Punch with a soda
Watch me give not one iota
Of a care
I had a diabetes scare
When I found a Starburst in my hair

I care, I really care
I like my limbs but the urge is unfair
It’s like sweets are my meats
I treats more on candies than the critters that I eats

Going to the store?
Gimme Dat Pay Day, bay
Do I want somemore?
Yeah! Gimme dat Pay Day, bay
Enough to go around?
Hell no, this is my Pay Day, bay
That sticky, crunchy sound
Pay Day forever, bay

Junk food makes me feel complete
Veggin’ out with socks and slippers on my feet
Piled on the couch with a Pay Day in my mouf
Watching Jean Claude Van Damme knock this dude the fuck out

Going to the store?
Gimme Dat Pay Day, bay
Do I want somemore?
Yeah! Gimme dat Pay Day, bay
Enough to go around?
Hell no, this is my Pay Day, bay
That sticky, crunchy sound
Pay Day forever, bay
Track Name: Joanie
Yo, Joanie
Quit being phony
Acting like a damn fool
Like that’s gonna get you that boney

You ain’t getting shit!
You might get a certifiable mommy
You might visit
but how are you gonna call me?

You’re deaf as hell,
We know this well
depending on your sight and smell

Smellin’ for trouble
While blowin’ up my bubble
No, I don’t wanna cuddle
I can’t enjoy myself for your comfort
Oh dear, do your gums hurt?

Eating 60 dollars of cage
In a rage, like you got mange, acting straight up deranged
Little Piglet all up in the frame
Sinuses inflamed, makin’ it rain
with that phlegm and mucus drain
Little girl, YOU ARE TO BLAME

Calm down, Joanie.

Took you recently to get spayed
The vet all up in you to raid
your puppy-making machinery with a blade
An idea not even close to being arcane
Cause puppies are poppin’ out everywhere
Roaming around, orphaned, hungry and scared
Dad and Mommy thought that we were prepared
for the exhaustion we both share
As we watch with despair as you bite and you tear
on our snow shoes, slippers and desk chairs
We train and discipline, because we care
And you’re our little teen, calling out 'no fair’

But baby Joanie, we just hope
That ather than pitching fits and moping
That you realize we’re straight dope
and that you will quickly elope
with the idea that we both know
what’s good for you and
you’ll go on pissing outside
And not on Dad’s favorite trousers
Track Name: Will We Overcome?
All this brutality is
festering in my gut
We shout enough is
enough while it’s festering,
It’s getting the best of me
Why are the people supposed to protect us,
out to get us?

Kill my brothers, kill my sisters
Killing fathers, and the list goes on and on
in this sickening poem
Where everything’s wrong
Where the justice is gone
When black mothers await sons who are
never coming home

And where do I belong,
in this fight to make shit right?
The neverending fight to face what’s
sick in this world

The police believe to erase
crime is to erase blackness
The ever constant sadness
we feel everyday
when we remember a human has gone away

You don’t think he’s a dad?
Or she’s got someone worrying at home
All alone not knowing
where Mommy’s gone?
The unrest where there is calm
From a community shaken,
Bent, but not breaking

Growing stronger with every
death in the family
Those left behind are
struggling, scrambling
for a solution
A tonic for this pollution
The chronic executions
of black people we are losing

Who is there to soothe them?
The unrest can’t be soothed
How will we prove it
When the shark is on the move
No consequences,
They’re playing it cool
With no consequences,
Who cares who they shoot?

Another death in another city
Will we wait till it comes to us?
Before we shout enough is enough?

And all lives will not matter until black lives matter
And their wallets grow fatter
Saying they serve and protect
Though they seem to forget
Some of the people most important
The vulnerable black children they let
Believe they’re not worth a shit

Leading to self-hate of their blackness
Leading up to all of this whackness
Leading them to take up arms,
In order to protect themselves
When generation after generation
They are treated like elk
Game for officers to shoot up,
Like we wouldn’t give a fuck
But we care a million fucks
It’s time to raise our voice fuck up
Track Name: Nice Guy
I’m nicer than anyone you ever met
I’m nicer than that last tug that you gave on your cigarette
Nicer than that lil’ square chiclet that’s your Nicorette
So nice to you like your anger was a cig, my niceness made you forget

That you were jonesin’
Callin’ up your friends’ phones and
All my kindness made you lose track of the bones
you were pickin'

No bones about it;
you wanna pick a fight with me?
Nah dude, I doubt it.
Cause I’m what you call a pacifist
leave you sucking on your paci instead of my balled up fist
Sometimes I wonder if these people are masochists
Letting the black wolf control you like a controller for a PS

Look I know your life must be really hard
If you’re always tryna swipe at me like a credit card

I don’t have the time of day
These dumb peeps keep tryna play
With my heart like Doris Day
I’ll let you have it anyway
All bound up like a ball of clay

Why don’t you shape up or ship out
On the pottery wheel that spun you out
Cause you been alive for too long,
To by now not know what life’s about

Let’s talk about peace and harmony
Instead of you harming me
Leave out the violence like the pickle on your Royale with cheese
Cause you got potential,
Look dude, here’s a pencil
Write out your feelings sometime with a frownie face stencil

Cause I’m lookin’ at you kid
I see you suffering
Have a sip of my perspective; hold up, hold it in
It’s warm ain’t it? Go around town, paint it
Paint the town pink; instead poopoo green. You tainted

I like you, that’s why I’m sharing the good word
Start doing like Mr. Hanky, and work on bein’ a happy turd.
All the time you spend being angry, to me, seems a lil' absurd
Go home, kiss your momma.
Show her she put someone good in the world
Track Name: This World
Tryna figure it out
Tryna figure but the words won’t come out
My thoughts are quickly rambling south
Can’t find the words to put through my mouth

The dark corners of my mind
Keeping me behind.

I’m gathering up the pieces to form a single girl
Can't wait to pin down who I am to this world
Reflect on things I said that make my toes curl
I do anything to feel my toes curl

And I'm here. I'm waiting for my sign
How much do I keep with me?
How much do I leave behind?
I want to keep it all
I think that would be fine
Weave it into a mess that could only be mine

I’m going through the motions of a living adult
I almost feel normal
Settling into this cult
My ideas are harmful but they don't follow through
Yesterday was amazing
but today is poopoo
My chemistry is bad juju
excuse me to the bathroom
so I can sit on the looloo
and think of what I've been through
Could I do it again? There is no again. The cycle has no end.

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