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Doing it right with my girls by my side
Domination: we’re taking the night
My one girl's on the snare, while the other’s on the ride
Together we rock the beat, of the upper west side

Walk in the room with my power stance
Me and my ladies, gettin’ ready to dance
not into your issues; don’t even steal for a chance
We don’t encourage your crimes,
This ain’t True Romance

I Came. Saw. Dominated
All my girlfriends appreciate it.
All my friends emancipated
Like Montell Jordan "This is how we do it!"

I’ll be skating through life with the wind on my back
Like Fresh Prince swaggin’ in a backwards hat
Not makin’ monies like Trump, simultaneously bankrupt
More like doing these chumps while humbly trying membraneous makeup

if you see me on the block, dude don’t even stop
My validation is on lock, working 'round the clock
To all my girls earnin’ chops, keepin’ it hot
We're seeking higher confirmation than some bum on a walk

Try. Win. Take the prize.
You can see the fire lickin’ in my girlfriends’ eyes
Kicking up smoke as we walk by
We let our booties shake with a side of fries

And if the company you keep be terribly weak
dragging on your image worse than Korn's Freak on a Leash
you must abort and retort while you snort and report
To all the fools who purport they gather booty for sport

Oh, homie. Forreal? Is that true?
If so, Hop's gotta another woman coming for you
like Freddy Krueger dream crashing 1…2...1…2…
Smack your ego all around till it’s black and blue

Listen close fellas, I’ll tell ya what I’ll do
Payable on delivery Come thru, come thru
With a verbal slap your moms could feel too
A week’ll go around before your ass come to

In your whack hairdo
Cause I am every woman
From A to Z
My ladies, we’re comin’

Drop the beat, lower than an anchor
Pulsating worse than your reoccurring canker
Sore, your game is making me snore
Don't let your ass get hit as you leave through the door

Got some sly shit up our sleeves
You can’t ignore
Lemme school you real quick
On truth and not folklore

One of these days
I won’t need to explain
That women aren’t
properties you
pick up in a game
Like Monopoly
Some of you dudes do it sloppily
While your focused on just coppin’ me
While screaming caucophonies
Out yer car window,
Smokin’ that indo
Rather toke up in the comfort of my own
Fit tho
Don’t want you lacing up my smoke
With that nasty dope
That must be trickin you to
hope I let you in on a grope

No thanks, I’ve got a dude that’s woke
You need to chill
while in my bath,
I take a sexy soak
While my man turns me on like a remote
Turns on my Samsung to watch my favorite show

You must be playing too much Final Fantasy
To think that you even had a chance with me
I’d rather listen to Crazy Town “Butterfly” on repeat
And believe my legs be squirming uncomfy in my seat

Like your D be a lasso,
hopin’ one of these days
you’ll successfully wrangle your cow
Walk the streets with no classo,
hittin’ on every breathing human
Throwin’ your hot mess all over town
Your game falls flat as you're trying on me your hit
Like Ezell ratting on Smokey, you look foolish takin’ a shit
On your self-esteem, please stand by while I ream
you out, with your foot in mouth
Hold tight while you suffer my clout


from Mondo's Collection, released May 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Hop Hop Buffalo, New York

Hop Hop is the the hip-hop persona of American rapper, musician, producer Jazmine Frazier born and raised in rural Alabama and currently based in Buffalo, New York. Frazier uses Hop Hop to vent issues tied to identity, sexism and racism among other topics. ... more

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